Saturday, March 9, 2013

                                                           Chrome Flowers 10x20

I'm walking on sunshine!  It is a beautiful day here in western PA but what has me singing is my order from mpix was just delivered. I've been kicking around the idea to enter a local photography show. What to enter? I have hundreds of photos on my computer but  never get around to having them printed. You too? Seems to be a common practise.

I picked three photos and sent them off  to to see how they looked printed. The first one is of the flowers I painted last fall with a can of chrome spray paint. One can of chrome spray paint gave me hours of fun. (notice the chrome wasps nest on my banner above) Taking a chance that the chrome flowers were going to look great, I had it mounted on foam core board. I also picked a lustre coating and a metallic something or other paper. Very happy!

This 8x10 is from my Yard Art series. I made art from things I found in my yard, and also took the photos right there in the yard.
My blog photo doesn't do this leaf justice. It is so fab to see in person. I was really surprised how well it turned out. Last fall I did a whole series of  leave photos. I will probably have others printed.
These last two photos have a lustre coat and an E-surface paper. (no idea what that means)
I am so thrilled with mpix. I placed the order Wednesday  night, it was at my house Saturday-- mpix ships from Kansas. The quality is so good and the prices were low. I will be placing another order soon!


  1. I like the 10x12 pictrue (the first one shown). It is beautiful.

  2. I will have to check this out. I too love your first photo, I remember when you were spraying away. xox

  3. Thanks for the Mpix tip and I love the bird nest shot from the yard! All your photos evoke very different feelings, and I find the nest is soothing. It speaks to this time of year too.

  4. Those are great. I am really liking the nest!
    good luck!

  5. Wow!! This is exciting - very professional looking!! You always have taken awesome photos! Let us know when you enter the photography show! :)