Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Besides working on my recycled wetland, I'm putting a piece together for the Mayworks 2013, Festival of Labour and the Arts, mail art show. This year's theme is, The Artist at Work/ A Self Portrait. I opened the French doors of my studio and had my daughter Chloe take a picture of me at work.
Using Photoshop I tweaked these three photos. After reading Karen's blog, I am Rushmore,
 ( see blog list to your left) I thought to do some layering on top of the photos. Karen and her fellow mail art artist have been doing some great things with layers. Then I read JC's blog, Zendoll. (also on my blog list) JC had a great post about keeping it simple. That changed things a bit.

Originally I was going to print off several photos in different color tones, cut them up then put it all back together like  a crazy patchwork puzzle. I can't make heads or tails of Photoshop's file system. I don't understand why I can never find files or even figure out where my work is stored in that program. These three photos, I printed off as soon as I made them. I will layer them some how . . .

If you would like to enter the Mayworks 2013, Festival of Labour and the Arts, mail art show here are the details.

Theme: The artist at work / a self portrait

Format: 5x7  original postcard

All artwork must be sent by April 15, 2013.

Questions, contact Ed at evarney@shaw.ca

No fees, not returns. All art becomes part of the Mayworks Archives. Send your entry to:

Ed Varney
4426 Island Highway South,
Courtenay, BC,V9N 9T1

There are no prizes or winners for this show, which is typical of mail art shows.
I did get the show's program in the mail last December. I was fun to read the names and countries of all the mail art participants.

Ed also sent these stamps featuring his art work as a thank you. ( I rather like them!)

I like the idea of this festival, celebrating work. It highlights  the work of the local coal miners and their history. Maybe someday I'll make the long trip to BC and check out the festival.


  1. That's funny....the artist at work... did you see the photo I posted on my bog today? I really like yours. P.S. It rains a lot in B.C. xoxo

    1. I will be popping in on your wonderful blog.

  2. Nice portraits of you working. Good to see you at it in various shades. xox

  3. Really cool photos Jill!!! Sounds like a good show. I really like the one on the far right, it looks shaded. But all 3 together make for a unique approach to the theme. Very impressive!!!