Thursday, March 28, 2013

                                                             8x12 Camouflage

I've been busy going through the stockpile of photos on my external hard drive.  I had these two bicycle photos printed on metallic paper. They look really good in person, not so much in my blog photos.

8x10 Baptism
Both photos are of the same bicycle, which has an interesting story. The bike showed up below a bridge near my home after a flood. The first time I encountered the bike it was laying on its side underwater, unfortunately I have lost those photos. A few months later, I noticed it had been moved to the side of the creek (see photo titled Baptism.) At a later point in time the bicycle was taken out of the stream by workmen removing logs and other debris from base of the bridge’s pillars. To my surprise, I came across the bike again twenty yards up the road sitting on the edge of the woods (see photo titled Camouflage.)
 The bicycle sat along the road for several weeks. I thought it would be funny to have a ghost riding the bicycle in a local store’s window I was dressing for Halloween. To my surprise, when I went to retrieve the bike, it was gone!
I ordered these photos from Mpix. They are no longer using the metallic photo paper. I really like Mpix but I am moving on to Nation Photo Labs. Mpix is good, has a family friendly feel. Nation Photo Labs moves me more toward art photography. Both companies are user friendly and affordable.
Today a photo book I made on Mpix should arrive in the mail. I can't wait! Also waiting for two snow landscape photographs from National Photo Labs.
Wetland piece for The Recycled Art Show is still stalled. I sent the fee and entry form to the show organizers. I thought it would motivate me. April 12th is the deadline, I have time! (grin)


  1. These are cool photos! Very interesting. I can kinda see the metallic paper in places on the first one.

    You're going to rock that art show.

  2. Do you know the difference between a crick and a creek? A creek is a pristine natural beauty but crick is is a slow moving body of water that contains junk, old cars, and cows pee in it. (grin) A creek may be beautiful and picturesque, but a crick is much more interesting.

  3. Oh I love the bike photo all that lush rust!!! xox

  4. Your photos always intrigue me. I saw your bike photo first on facebook and just fell in love with it. What an wonderful story to go with it! Your photography is so inspiring! Keep going Jill!!!!