Friday, February 1, 2013

A few posts back Jane left a comment suggesting I give a tutorial on how to get published in magazines. So here is the inside track, tips that work and lowdown on how to get published.

It’s really not that hard, so relax.  Magazines clearly lay out requirements for submissions on their websites. Follow the instructions to the letter. They have a system in place that works for them. By not following the system you make their job harder which could very well lead to a pass on your submission.

I have been published a few times in both Cloth Paper Scissors and Green Craft magazines. These magazines except “how to” based articles written by artist.   Visit  , look for the magazine tab, there you will find submission guidelines.  For Green Craft Magazine and other Somerset Studio magazines go to At the bottom of the page, look for All Titles. From there click on the magazine you are interest in. Most will have submission guidelines and upcoming challenges clearly printed.

I first got published by entering reader challenges. A percentage of the works submitted usually get printed in the magazine. Cloth Paper Scissors Readers Challenge details can be found in the magazine and on line, look under the news & events tab.

Personally I love reader challenges. Don’t wait for ones that are in your comfort zone. Try ones that are going to take you into new territories. They may use materials you have never set eyes on or require a skill set you do think you have. The experience will have you swearing, doubting yourself, tossing things into the trash and fishing them back out again. Fun stuff! In the end you will be surprised with the journey and possibly have a good war story to tell.

 Challenges also have deadlines. Yes, deadlines are stressful but they are also motivating.
There is a great sense of accomplishment in finishing a project on time. I also like challenges because they are often small and easy to drop in mail.

If you do submit your art work to a magazine and it is rejected, don’t give up. Please remember it’s not just about you and your artwork. A magazine may love what you submitted but it’s not what they are looking for at that time. I’m looking at the Sept/Oct issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, The Assemblage Issue. Let’s say you submitted a great idea about fabric dyeing when they were looking for assemblage art. Then to top it off they just did several articles on fabric dyeing in the last issue, so now they want to hold off on any fabric dyeing articles. Sadly the magazines often don’t give any hints to let us know what they are looking for. Try another magazine or look over your work, maybe make some changes and submit it again in a few months.

Google " how to submit a magazine article" for extra help and tips.

Good luck and I hope to hear that some of you are getting published in 2013.

(Trust me, if I can do it……so can you!)


  1. Thanks for the tips....You seem to be doing so well with it, it's on my list for 2013....xox

  2. Good advice, and it has surely been working for you! As always, you inspire with your willingness to try anything!

  3. Great advice!!!! Thank you for sharing this.

  4. A wonderful post Jill!!!! You said it all! I am sure this inspire everyone to at least try once!! Are you doing the tunnel book reader challenge?

    1. I'm might. I'm in a bit of a winter slump right now, spinning my wheels. I have a heap of projects that have hit the "reject" pile of late.

  5. That's great Jill! Thanks for sharing and reminding me I have something I want to try to submit! Need to get on that!

  6. This is a terrific summary and how-to.... perhaps you should submit this to a few publications too. It makes fro good reading!