Friday, January 25, 2013

What a week! The temperatures outside have been below zero ( with wind chill) several mornings and highs for the day have risen to the balmy 20's. We are finishing the week with snow, 4 inches or more by morning.

The bitter cold does something to you physiologically. All I want to do is sit wrapped up in a blanket. To pass the time I have entered a flash fiction contest. I decided to do it because of the website name hosting the contest, WOW, Women on Writing. I sign all notes to my daughter Chloe with wow. Wow is mom upside down. 

The Winter 2013 Flash Fiction Contest  can be found here:

The topic is open, you pick, $10 entry fee, prize money, and you can't go over 750 words.
750 words is about one and a half typed pages. I'm finding myself wishing they would move it up to 900 words.  Men can enter too!

I have never entered a writing contest or really written much creative writing classes. I'm tackling this with the attitude of I can use 750 words to tell a whopper of a lie.

My other keep myself busy activity is watching The Bronson Pinchot Project on the DIY Network.
The show airs late at night, I usually record it. You can watch some episodes online.
This show is more about artistic vision than remodeling.

Bronson is fixing up an old house but not turning it into something modern. He is quite knowledgeable in the area of historical homes. I also like that he uses recycled/salvaged materials. I may not be able to see myself living in his creation but I appreciate his work. Bronson has a strong visual aesthetic, it's very artistic and his taste level is very high.

Keep warm and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Love your banner, your post, and your humor when you leave comments at the Zendoll Workshop! Thanks for all the smiles!

  2. It was quite warm here, bumping 80. Not near as cold as I remember this time of year when I lived near you.

  3. I love your willingness to jump in and try anything. Go for it.....Bronson Pinchot I have caught once or twice and I do like what he is doing with refurb using salvage...need lots of money to do that though, those old boards add up to $$$ quick. xox

  4. You've just described our weather in Toronto. Seems to have calmed down today... xoxo

  5. I love reading about folks that build those Tiny Houses out of all salvaged/recycled materials.