Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

I was having problems uploading photos to my blog.
I switched to Google Chrome and it worked, I have been finding I need to do that often,
things are a changing I guess.
I have moved into my new studio.
Eva has also moved in!

I found a home for my mineral collection,

and for a few other things...

I'm working on my sketchbook which is due Jan 15th!
I'm looking for projects to participate in so drop me a line
if you know of any.

My next project is going to be "make overs" on two coats.
I was given some pretty interest coats to work with.

The fur collar on the blazer is held on by buttons. I think I'll add it to the 
leopard coat.

I think I'll also remove the zipper and leather around the zipper.
The blazer is from Neiman Marccus and the coat is from a high end
fur and leather store in Pittsburgh. Being made from high quality
materials should make this a worthwhile project.
( plus I'll look like a rock star wearing it)

Now my second coat "makeover".......
well let me tell you about then, you tell me what you think.

This wool coat is long, I mean almost to my ankles long.
It said, Russia to me.

I plan on adding piping of some kind to outline the coat.
Now look what I found on eBay..

I am thinking it may end up being an interesting  art coat.
I might try to sell it on eBay.
There  a TV show starting in a few weeks about Russian spies in
America during the 1980's.
Might I be "on trend" ?????


  1. Funny, I was having problems with Chrome and switched to Foxfire.

  2. Oh great coats! Not a sewer but you will obviously do something really fun with these. The studio looks good and already stuff on the table so you are busy working - yeah! xox

  3. Love Google Chrome, Love your studio, Love the coats! HAPPY NEW YEAR and I wish you much creativity in your fabulous new space. What a way to start a new year! Cheers dear! xo

  4. I upload my photos from my desktop.
    Anyway, love your new studio, and the coats are terrific. Can't wait to see the Russian one...! xoxo

  5. I too am having problems uploading images...
    Your new studio looks great! How exciting! and the coats are a great find... please model them when they are done!

  6. fabulous new space. I don't think I would ever leave it.

  7. Happy New Year Jill!!! SO EXCITED for you to be in your new space and it looks AWESOME!!!! So inspirational to see your decorations and treasures! The coats look fab, very curious to see the results!

  8. Your studio looks just wonderful Jill ! You are so lucky - enjoy!