Monday, December 17, 2012

The studio is almost ready for me to move in.
I painted big white squares on two walls for backdrops
for when I want to photograph something.
( The squares also bounce light around in that area of the studio)
My husband is still working on the trim work around
the windows. When I took these pictures I was standing in
a pile of tools and trim boards.
The "move-in" date should fall somewhere inside
the week between Christmas and New Years.
The Christmas cards I sent to the printer still have not made it
to my mailbox. I tracked them to a mail sorting facility not far from me.
If I lived in one of the small towns nearby I would probably have them today.
Since I live in the country and they will probably be here Wednesday.
( They have to tour Butler county first!  mail is truly snail mail where I live)


  1. Wow ! Congrats on your beautiful space! I love the wall colour and your white space is a terrific idea. I thought work had stopped with the winter weather, but no ... your move in will arrive any day now, so enjoy the process of setting things up. Well done to your hubby.

  2. Those white spaces are a great idea. You are going to really enjoy your studio.

  3. We are snail mail too. Loving the studio, you must be so excited to get in and set up. Hopefully you will have some time between the holidays to really get rolling. Merry, happy, jolly jingle. xox

  4. I am green with envy, and I don't mind admitting it!
    Merry Christmas,
    Love, Colette

  5. Jolly jingle indeed! Like Colette, (whose blog I also love!) I am drooling over your wonderful studio! Can't wait to see your art all over the walls! Jane

  6. Great idea on white photography zones in your studio! So excited for you!! Can't wait to see all you will create!