Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lucky me!
This wonderful piece of art mail from
Karen Isaacson landed in my mailbox.
Karen has not one, but two blogs,
Mail Me Some Art ( see badge on her blog).
Karen is very witty and loves a good pun.
Her blogs are fun to read and are guaranteed for a good laugh.
Like many of her followers I have joined the ranks of those who
believe Karen never sleeps, it's the only way
to explain how she is able to make so much art!
Thank you Karen for the gift of your art work.
The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition printed books
that documented the sketchbook show are out.
I'm in the Thread & Surface Vol.
My birds, they are a bit dark, but there they are!
Studio Update :
Yesterday I decided to make my Christmas cards. Since I am pressed
for time this year I thought I would make one card, photograph it,
 then send it to a website that does professional printing.
I gave myself the whole morning thinking by one o'clock
I would be in my studio cleaning up drywall dust.
It turned out to be an all day nightmare.
The cards are ordered, not sure if I even like them, and
I am crossing my fingers they get here before Christmas!!!
The dust awaits my arrival.
Today's "to list" involves a possible trip to the vets ( cat limping for two days),
getting my husband packed and to the airport tonight or tomorrow and lastly,
what the heck are we having for dinner?
It's a good thing dust doesn't mind sitting around.



  1. I always make my own Christmas cards, Jill, and yes, it takes FOREVER on the computer....what site did you use? I'd love to know if you are happy with it?
    There is so much to do this time of year, I'm eating Trader Joe's minestrone soup for dinner every other day! Enjoy it all...Jane

    1. Jane, I used Vistaprint. I used them for my business cards and was happy. I thought a pile of postcards would be the least expensive way to go....not! I have found the price they quote is a stating point. One download of your art is free and after that they charge $4.95. On the back of the card they forced me to add a picture but later at checkout when I saw I got charged and went back and took it out with no problem, I didn't want a photo there anyway..hard to write over it! I also decided to use recycled paper which really put the price up and in the end got envelopes, I figured I couldn't get everything on a postcard for some of my childhood friends who live out of state. I have also used Mpix but that for one very large photo I used in an art show, was very happy with it.

  2. Why is this time of year always sooo hectic. I made a few post cards and that's it. Hope to write them out next week and pop them in the mail. Dust will wait. Studio is looking good. So exciting for you. xox

  3. The dust will be patient and wait on you. No hurry.

  4. Studio is coming along nicely. We put too much pressure on ourselves... good thing the dust doesn't talk in my house!

  5. aw shucks, Jill. last night I actually didn't sleep (for non-art-related reasons) and boy am I feeling it today. I think I need a nap if I plan to get anything creative done later. The studio is looking great. hope your kitty is okay!

  6. Lots of fun stuff going on! I wish I could see one of those sketchbook project books---that is so cool. I should check online about it. Did you do it for 1 or 2 years? I should have done it again!

    1. This Sketchbook project was my third one. I signed up for the 2013 tour, deadline/due date on the project is Jan 15th, I only have the cover done!

  7. Congrats on the Sketchbook project, and you're beginning to sound like your friend Karen - little sleep and much productivity .... can't say the same for my creative offerings, but the intention is there!