Monday, December 10, 2012

Last spring I sent a piece of mail art to the
Festival of Labor & the Arts,
held on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
I just received in the mail a catalog from the
mail art exhibit. This year 225 artist from 33 countries
participated in the show.
Along with the catalog, I received these four postage stamps.
They say Mondo Post and the triangle stamp on the mailing
envelope says Mondo and Ray Johnson.
I know who Ray Johnson is and recognise his drawing
but the Mondo part has me baffled.
I Googled Mondo and got comic book related links.
As Christmas is fast approaching  and I have not started my shopping
I decided to abandon my search of Mondo and spend my time more wisely.
If anyone has any info on Mondo let me know!

This was the piece of mail art I sent to the festival.

The Mayworks festival was created eight years ago to celebrate work and
worker's important contribution to society. The festival also
recognises that workers support and participate in the arts.
During the festival a bean dinner was held to remember when the
Canadian government sent coal miners a boxcar of dried
beans to keep them from starving during a strike.
Other events during the festival were an Art Kart Derby,( soap box derby for adults)
song and poetry events and a film night. This year Men of the Deep was featured. It is a film about
miners who started a choir to sing about their experiences.
Here is information about the 2013 Mayworks
mail art show if you would like to participate.
Theme: The Artist at Work / A Self Portrait
Format: 5"x&7" original postcard size, any medium
Entry Deadline: April 15, 2013
You do not get your entry back, it is kept in the Mayworks archives.
The mail art show is held at the Nanaimo Art Gallery,
opening night is May 4th.
Mail your entry to:
Ed Varney
4426 Island Highway South
Courtenay, BC, V9N 9T1
If you have any questions contact Mr. Varney at
( The catalog did not show much of the art work from the show but it does list
all the artist and where they are from. It was fun to read. I'm doing the 2013 show for sure!)


  1. Oh great, thanks for the link. This sounds like a great exhibit of wonderful mail art from everywhere....xox

  2. As I get caught up with your various posts, I am struck by your fearless spirit and willingness to fit art making into your day. You have earned that amazing art studio and I look forward to your progress report on its construction. I love the stamps you just posted, but most of all, it's a fascinating inclusive artistic adventure that must be so rewarding to have been a part of. Have fun with your Xmas preparations. xo