Tuesday, December 11, 2012


( My Christmas card this year)
This morning I was reading some of my favorite blogs and
a theme was appearing, the creative process.
My first stop was A Bird in the Hand. Collette painted
four paintings. Three of them were, they can only be describe as,
a unit. They went together and they should be displayed together.
These three painting each had a circle with  color patches randomly place.
Two were sparse and one was full of colors.
She stated that she didn't know what they were but she
knew they went together.
I also dropped by I am Rushmore and Karen was experimenting.
She is doing a 40 days of creativity challenge.
Everyday she adds something to her canvas, which happens to
be a brown paper bag!
( Karen paints on bags, collects dead bugs, read her last post--she doesn't follow
her huge "to do" list...we are from the same gene pool)
As I looked through the photo montage of her piece, it changed dramatically
each day. In several of the photos it looked looked like a good place to stop,
done, perfect. But the next day keeping with the challenge she pushed on.
Her last stopping point pretty much wiped out all of her work, she
white washed the whole thing. I don't think it went quite as she planned but she can
build up from that layer.
Okay, so here is where I'm going with this, the creative process is strange, unpredictable
and sometimes so frustrating.
JC on her Zendoll blog is struggling with making  Christmas themed art.
She is a master at vintage collage. JC has a collection of graphics, she has the paper,
the glue, the stamps...in other words the supplies she needs.
But nothing is speaking to her..nothing is being created.
Collette freely created, Karen keeps pushing on to see where creativity will take her,
and then there is my latest project....Christmas cards.
I started out wanting to use my blog banner as my Christmas card this year. When I tried to resize it
to fit an online printing site the image was to blurry.
( tech pixel stuff to hard for my brain to figure out)
So I decide to make some paper trees, added white sand for snow,
and glitter for stars.
Again, bad resolution and I didn't like the image much.
See for yourself.
Next I tried the banner again..
size issues and not sure I liked it.
I gave up on paper and started walking around my yard.
Pine, bitter sweet and lilac bush held together
with an old clip on earring and a ribbon.
Next stop Photoshop.
I'm not even sure what I used to make these next images,
I was a point and click fool.
( desperation)
Finally I settled on this...
Merry Christmas is written across the bottom right side of the card.
Crossing my fingers I get them from the printer soon!
In the end there is no recipe or hard fixed plan to
being creative.
Being creative is a challenge everyday,
not just for 40 days.
Hang in there and work through it or go in another direction!
P.S. Corrine, I think you are right about the stamps from my last post.
Ed Varney signed the side of the paper, makes sense that they
are his art work. I guess I need to frame them.
Back to my "to do" list, reading other blogs was on it, not writing on my blog!


  1. Love the card. Those two ladies are always an inspiration as are you. xox

  2. Great post, Jill, on the many facets of creativity. I do love your Christmas card. Sometimes we have to keep trying until we get there. I think one thing that helps me is that I don't really care how something turns out; if I don't like it, I do something else....until I get there.

    Colette xoxo

  3. Love your process, Jill, and I work the same way. I usually start with a shred of an idea, and then as I work, it takes form. This year I taught an art lesson to my granddaughter's 1st grade class - a simple Christmas tree using paper that I had painted ahead of time. I liked my prototype enough to use as my Christmas card. So I printed a few, and then , all of a sudden, I had ideas for 2 more Christmas trees, so I collaged them up, and now I have 3 versions of my 2012 Christmas card to send out! (By the way, the 1st graders made delightful trees!) Jane

  4. great cards, oh sharer-of-genes. the clip-on earring is a very nice touch. my paper bag started turning into something I liked again, but yesterday's layer was a questionable choice. oh well, I still have 9 more days to fix it. As you said - hang in and work through.

  5. I love the new banner.... it would have made a great card, but the sizing is always an issue on the long and skinny look (which I love). I also love the final card you decided on. I am sure it will look great!

  6. Bravo! As you often have in the past, you found your solution outside, and with a few resourceful touches, succeeded at creating a unique and memorable piece. Merry Everything Jill!

  7. I always enjoy seeing your creative process and getting your cards too!!!! I did some trees myself. When all else fails, I go back to nature as well. Love it Jill!