Sunday, December 30, 2012

A few months ago I participated in
The Ashes to Art Project.
The project raised $8,000 for the
Fort Collins fire department.
I love this project because it was done through the mail.
Artist were mailed pieces of burnt trees from the
Fort Collins CO, wildfire.
( burnt trees = charcoal)
Artist then made art, any medium and any subject, with the charcoal
incorporated into their piece.
All the artwork was then mailed back to CO
and sold on line.
A very nice book about the project is now being sold
as a secondary fundraiser for 
The Ashes to Art Project. 
Inside the book you will find information about the project and the people who
were affected by the wildfire.
Mostly the book is an art book.
All the artwork that was made for the project can be found inside.
This book is well done. I feel like I am in my first "coffee table" book. 
Since I donated a piece of artwork I was given the book as
a thank you gift.
Wow! did it make my day!


  1. So exciting, I really liked the piece you did, thought it was so full of meaning.....Happy New Year. Can;t wait for some pics of you in your new studio. xox

  2. Congratulations Jill! How exciting!!! You find some really cool projects to participate in! What's projects are you doing this year?