Friday, November 30, 2012

This piece of mail art was made by Corrine Gilman,
Thank You Corrine!
Corrine is a like minded artist as she uses "upcycled" materials
in her art work.
It's always a good day when I find mail from Corrine in  my mail box.
I'm getting ready to work in my studio today.
My husband gave me verbal instructions on how to tape the
 the drywall seams and to trial joint compound over the tape.
I'm doing this all on my own, wish me luck!
( I hope I have a good surprise for my husband when he gets home from work.)


  1. Love your mail art! Best wishes on the drywall seams! So excited for your awesome space you are creating! Many congrats!!!

  2. Corrine's colors are it ! And I love your NOEL headline art.....Jane

  3. Love your NOEL header, so festive. It was great fun to use up those painted and stamped scraps and they make a crazy quilt postcard.....glad you liked it and thanks for the mention...I can't wait to see your studio done!!!!! You go girl, you can do it! xox

  4. Hey, I got a storage building that I want to erect, how about giving me a hand. . . You are getting good at that, right?

  5. Your new Noel Banner is a beauty!! Merry Everything!