Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Art of Eyewear

Me in my new shades.
I recently destroyed my glasses. When it came time to pick
out new frames I went a bit crazy.
I went from one pair of broken down sad excuse for a pair of
glasses to three new shiny colorful pairs.
Below I posted a piece that is going to run on my local community
news web page. ( I now have two blogs)
I lose my glasses on a daily basis.  My frantic search for them often makes me late for appointments. At those times when the clock is ticking, my husband likes to give me advice, “If you put them in the same place every time you take them off, you would know where they are.”   He has known me a long time; we both know disorganization is part of my charm, so I ask you, why does he waste his breath?
I wear my glasses when I’m driving or when the occasional TV show is worth watching. So you see, my glasses spend a lot of time floating around my environment. I have found my glasses behind furniture, under books, in coat pockets and one time under three cases of Girl Scout cookies, that was it for that pair.  After the cookie incident I switched from wire to all plastic frames.
 My most recent pair of glasses held up for three years. They didn’t sit straight on my face and the arms were a bit wobbly but they got the job done.  That is until I left them on the back off my husband’s truck one day. This last act of neglect and violence left two large nicks in the plastic frame and a skid mark on one of the lenses. I needed new glasses.
 While facing the wall of eyewear frames the rules for selecting frames were not on my mind. You know, the if your face is this shape then try frames with such and such a shape, blah, blah, blah.  Me, I was looking for glamour, sparkle, bring on the funk!  I found purple glasses with art work on arms and a fun pair of sunglasses. (I know, white is a bit much, but so cute on!)   
Even though my prescription didn’t change I was having some trouble with those itty bitty letters on the eye exam cart. My eye doctor suggested, +1 Cheaters.  Thank God, Cheater frames are fun and over the top.  That made me feel less old.
The selection of frames on the market today is mind boggling. The next time you are faced with “the wall of frames” pass by your old standby frame choices and try everything else on. You will never know how good you look in purple glasses until you try them on!
( In case you were wondering, all three pair of my glasses came from JC Penny)


  1. Aren't you the vamp!!! Love all three. I have cheaters too and can have a pair hanging off my shirt at my neck and look for my glasses!! Duh, I'm with you. xox

  2. those are awesome! I'm so blind that my glasses are never off my face unless I'm sleeping, so I don't lose them. But I frequently fall asleep with them on, and they are ridiculously misshapen. I have 3 pairs of cheap sunglasses (for when I'm wearing my contacts) and they are either all in my purse (and none in the car) or all in the car (and none in my purse) and none are as cute as your white ones.

  3. Welcome to my world! I'm beyond the +1 point, but save them as your eyes progress - or is it - regress. Now I need my +1's for working in the kitchen, and something stronger for the computer. I love your choices!