Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lots of action!

Life here on Reibold Road is pretty exciting. Besides my studio being built, a movie is being made and a natural gas fracking well is being drilled.
From the chatter on Face Book I gathered that the movie is Foxcatcher starring Steve Corell
and Channing Tatum. The movie is about a murder, so kinda dark.
Our local bar was used as a shot site..not! Face Book chatter was wrong but I have not found out where they are shooting during the day.
The picture above is of movie headquarters and there are cars jamming the local
church parking lot but I can't seem to find where all the people are.
The local post office is a hot bed for gossip. The post office does not do home delivery so residents
have to pick up their mail. I stopped by the post office hoping Susie the post mistress had the scoop on what was going on, but she had the day off  and the sub had no clue.
Pittsburgh is actually a movie town so I'm not to surprised by the goings on. Last fall Tom Crusie and Christian Bale ( Batman) made movies here. Christain Bale was back again this fall to make a movie called The Furnace, involves steel mills form what I heard. Many other movies have been made here over the years. I need to find out how to be an extra on sets.
I know Maria has done it, so I guess we need to team up.
( I'm ready for my close up..with a soft blur lens please!)
This next photo is of a gas well being drilled. I see these often, we are being
invaded. At night I think they are beautiful. In a few weeks the rig with be down and
there will be a small cement pad and a few pipes above ground. Basically you can hardly tell
there is a well there when it is fully functional.


  1. When I worked a project at Whilmongton, N.C., they made a movie there. Was always seeing the stars in stores, eateries, etc. With a close by beach on the ocean, large river, a pisturesque city, forests, and farms, they have their choice of shooting backgrounds. I did later watch one those movies.

  2. Don't you love the buzz surrounding the making of a movie? Many are also made in Toronto, and I used to work at the Film Festival which brought the process full circle. Keep us posted on the star sightings!