Monday, November 5, 2012

I noticed a new Hobby Lobby opened near the Pittsburgh
Airport. I gave myself some extra time to stop there on the
day I had to pick my husband up on his return trip from AZ. 
I was envisioning walking into a Dick Blick or Cheap Joe's catalog
come to life. Boy was I out of luck!
I would say 25% of the store was art and craft supplies,
the rest was home decor items.
Several of my Winsor & Newton ink bottles are close to being empty.
I have been thinking about buying  a new set.
At Hobby Lobby I came across this set off Dr. Ph Martin's
Bombay India Inks. When I got home I noticed that in a few of the
bottles the color pigments had separated from the fluid.
I'm not sure if this is standard or did something happen to
this bunch. I shook the bottles and all but one seems okay.
Then I decided to try them out.
Hated how they flowed, not a nice transparent color, so disappointed.
Back to Winsor & Newton,
Jill + Winsor & Newton, forever and ever!
Next I got out the said, Winsor & Newton Inks..
and they looked like crap too!
Okay, my brushes are a bit ratty...
Then it hits me, I used paper from a mixed media sketchbook.
I should have used watercolor paper or my favorite paper for inks,
Strathmore, Bristol smooth tooth.
The lesson here?  The type of paper you use matters.


  1. Don't know much about inks, Might have to try some though, good advice. xox

  2. My wife likes to visit Hobby Lobby and Micheals at least once a week. They are a cross the street from each other.

  3. Paper is so important. The sizing on the paper allows for control of how much is absorbed and how much floats, allowing for some time to work. Paper without the right sizing is like painting on a t-shirt. And it is a personal choice as well. I'll give you some papers to play with next time you are in the studio.

  4. I say give them another shot! I love you design (circles are my fav!) and your color combination is quite unique! Experiment with a variety of papers - sounds like fun to me! And PS - love Hobby Lobby too!