Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
A big THANK YOU to Jane Smith for this
fantastic piece of mail art.
( It made my day Jane!)
I have not been making art lately.
Basically I have been a construction laborer.
We spent most of our Thanksgiving weekend working
on my new studio.
The studio has electric, heat and the drywall is hung.
During the daylight hours we work outside and once the sun
goes down we work inside.
We hope to finish the outside this weekend, crossing my fingers!


  1. Jane does make amazing mail doesn't she. I love seeing her handwriting in my post office box.....glad your studio is coming along, looking good. xox

  2. Thank you Jill (and Corrine!) Can I come over and make art with you in that wonderful studio?! That would be a dream for me (I make all my collages in my kitchen):- I know you will enjoy it.
    xo Jane