Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What is it ?

What is it?
On my last post Corrine asked if I take things from
my neighbor's scrap metal piles and use
in my art. As it turns out Corrine, I did take something
on my last trip across the road.
I have no idea what it is. There is liquid inside and my guess,
is that whatever it was used for, pressure was involved.
The handle has me stumped. To me that says it was moved around,
not a stationary "part" of a machine.
What am I going to do with it?
Good question!
I believe for my Sketchbook Project 2013 I'm going to the
moon this time. I have been thinking of space travel and Steampunk.
Now do you see what I see?
Another interesting tidbit...
last year in my 2012 sketchbook I have a photo
of junk from my neighbors scrap pile.


  1. Pressurized paint sprayer? Might be toxic, be careful but interesting the moon should be a great title, this could be a sputnick. xox

  2. Pressurised chemical cleaner, fill it up with your fluid and then pressurise it with air in the .302 connection (same fitting as a tyre)lever on the handle operates it.

    1. Thanks! Saved me from hauling it arounds to friends and neighbors asking what it was. wonder what is inside swishing around? I don't think it can get out!

  3. And here I thought coffee pot..... I guess I should look closer....

  4. I thought coffee pot too. Oh well, can the bottom make an interesting pattern if you apply paint? Lately I have been into making patterns with paint and recycled objects.