Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Leaves

Since fall leaves are plentiful I feel the need to
do something with them.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these images.
I still need to work a few kinks out.
What is it? how did I do it?
(don't ask why I did it,....I was just messing around)
I took a piece of paper, folded it in half.
Then I cut out squares while the paper was folded.
The squares have to go through both side of
the folded paper.
Next I sprayed the back of the leaf with an adhesive,
Lay the leaf inside and fold the paper,
kinda like a file folder.
I used a bit of glue stick around the edges.
I then hung the folder on a clothesline with the sun shining
on the backside.
Not sure where I'm going with this project
but it kept me out of trouble all afternoon!


  1. ooh I love these leaves and what you have been doing with them.

  2. Your leaf experiments are such fun. The idea of bits of the hidden leaf peaking through a surface is wonderful. More please!

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  4. Only you could come up with such a clever and beautiful idea, you did good.

  5. What a wonderful leaf study you have treated us to! Bravo.