Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Leaves

I set out to make a new header for my blog, but
this is not what I was expecting.
I was going to cut squares in the the black paper
and put leaves behind them.
Somehow I found myself with paint and a brush.
I think I have been missing painting.
I made this the same way I made the leaf
 silhouettes a few posts back.
The black paper is folded like a file folder.
I cut leaves through both sheets of paper.
The back and
the middle.
I used a spray adhesive to hold everything together.
I went back and tried the leaf silhouettes again.
This time I made the paper folders smaller,
less space around the leaf and used spray adhesive
to keep the leaf and paper in place.
The paper was gaping between the front and back
causing light to get in...less silhouette.
Now for the improved leaf silhouette...
With rain in the air it looks like I will be
indoors today.
That's okay with me,
there is a jar of paint brushes calling my name.
Keep warm and dry today, I know I will!


  1. wow, what a great idea! Really beautiful!

  2. Love this cut out idea Jill!! Great job on the header! I like the large holes in the leaf silhouettes too! Nice work

  3. I would say your new banner is a resounding success!!!