Sunday, October 14, 2012

 My mail box has been a happy place lately.
Millicent from Miss Millicent blog is back!
She is making Halloween mail art,
This one is from Corrine at
When Corrine needs to clear her work space,
she makes mail art and uses up all
the stray bits laying about.
Love that!
This abstract pueblo postcard is from my
amazing friend Diane Moore.
Diane loves to travel so last spring she made it her life.
Diane quit her job and sold everything she owned.
The she bought a truck and a small pull behind camper.
This summer Diane, her dog and cat spent the summer in
Mesa Verde, Co. She camped in a campground and
worked at a local resort. On her days off Diane and her dog
hiked and visited attractions in the Four Corners area.
She posted the most incredible photos on
her Face Book page.
I believe she will be wintering in Death Valley.
My sketchbook finally showed up.
It seems the first one they sent me got lost
in the mail.
My studio is at a standstill.
My husband/contractor will be traveling
on business for the next month.
There is a large window in the back
and there will be
 another window in the front.
It's rough inside but there is a lot of light,
so I'm thinking it would make a good
photography studio for the time being.


  1. Glad you liked the mail. Happy mailbox indeed. Your studio is great! Hope it gets finished before the snow fly. xox

  2. Isn't it great to get mail from other artists? And may I say how totally jealous I am of your new/in progress studio? To have a studio outside the house...even in the backyard...again would be wonderful. As it is, mine is in our next to largest bedroom and still feels like being in the house. Keeping my fingers crossed that your husband can finish it before the snow sets in.

  3. I really like your studio. Are you going to plant flowers around it?

  4. Thanks for sharing the thrills and fun finds from your mailbox. As if that's not exciting enough - the progress on your studio is awesome - Love the pumpkins!

  5. wow wow wow!!!!
    Just love the studio. It looks to be a perfect space and can see the charm that this place will have. Love the roof.... it will truly be your own.