Friday, October 5, 2012

I've been out with my camera lot these last few sunny days of fall
collecting images for future projects.
What those projects are..I don't know but
this winter when I'm looking for inspiration
I'm sure I will find what I'm looking
for in one of these photos.
I love the metal materials and form of this water tower.
My other "get done before winter" project
is dying brown paper bags out in my yard.
( yes, I'm at it again)
Not sure what I'll make with them, I
wanted to have them on hand just in case
I came up with an idea.
Yesterday I was fooling around with fall leaves.
I came up with an idea that didn't quite work out but
as I was looking at the photos I took the answer to
how I could fix the project came to me.
So I'm off to gather more leaves today.
Here are a few shots of my world during this
beautiful fall week in PA.
Enjoy your day!
A sneak peek at my new studio.
(  it will be a while until I move in but we got it started!)



  1. Hurry up and get that new studio dried in. Winter is not too far away up your way. It got up in the low 90's here today.

  2. how exciting that you're building a new studio! I have the same sense of urgency in feeling like I need to prepare for a long housebound winter. snapping pictures the way the squirrels are stashing their acorns.

  3. Really been enjoying your photos! And WOW you really did mean out the door!!!! That is fantastic! Heated and everything??? A BIG congratulations on your very own studio!!!!

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming studio!!! I would do anything to have an alternative to the kitchen table! Actually I do ... it's my daughter's bedroom studio but she keeps moving back to it when she gets a project or needs to do a lot of laundry ..... hmmm. A familiar story I'm sure.