Monday, October 8, 2012

I did it!
Yesterday my husband and I put the roof on the studio.
For me to get off the ladder and on to the roof was big,
I'm afraid of heights.
I stayed on this side of the roof and didn't stand up.
The other side of the roof is not as steep,
but it is a LOT further off the ground.
The back of the studio hangs out over a sharp drop off.
When you are inside the studio looking out the back
window, it's like being in a tree house!
This is a narrow view of  what I'll see out
the back window. The back window is going to be BIG.
The plan is to have the French doors and window in by the
end of next weekend.
Crossing my fingers!!!!
( the weather has not be the best)


  1. Looking good. Hope the weather gets better for you.

  2. A tree house studio! Wow!!! This is pretty awesome!! And go for you facing your fear of heights! :)

  3. Exciting stuff - a studio of your own - YEAH! I don't like being on the roof either....xox