Thursday, October 25, 2012

I believe we can make art out of the things we find in
our environment. I live in the country so most of what I
collect from my surroundings is from nature.
I can't walk past moth or butterfly wings without
picking them up and taking them home.
( I believe they are the remains of a bird's dinner)
After our first drop in overnight temperatures I found
bee and a grasshopper corpses in my yard,
I decided to keep those too.
I kinda wonder what that says about me.
Recently on Yahoo News there have been stories about
other artist who use nature in their art.
( picture from Yahoo News)
Damiem Hirst recently exhibited a show at the Tate Modern, London, where
he hatched butterflies is a white room. After hatching they soon died due to
lack of habitat. It has become a bit of a controversial exhibit as 9,000
butterflies died.
Wonder what they did with all the bodies???
Today on Yahoo there was a story about
Iris Schieferstein, an artist who uses dead animals
in her work.
( I have a shoe addiction)
Stuffed dead bird shoes.
Not sure I have any place to wear those shoes.....
my cats would be all over those!
As for my dead insect collection....
I'm "on trend"!
(big husband won't be talking me into parting with
my wings and bug corpses any time soon)


  1. Not sure nature (the butterfly destruction and dead bird shoes) won't come back to haunt the folks creating in that way...Do no harm? Kind of creeps me out...just saying. xox

  2. I'm with no harm and creepy stuff!

  3. I saw the Hurst exhibit at the Tate this summer while in London. The butterfly room was...disturbing, yet interesting. To see the butterflies loose in the room was lovely, but once I thought about the habitat - so, so different from seeing a true butterfly exhibition where the habitat is built to suit - I wondered what would become of the bodies. Given that it's Hurst, I assumed that he would use them in his art. Don't remember if any of the literature said.

    On the whole, I didn't care for the Hurst exhibit...too much done for shock value and science rather than art. Well, that's my thought...not all feel that way and that's as it should be.

  4. I think I'm physically incapable of leaving those little bits of found nature on the ground. I have egg shells and feathers and butterfly wings and cicada shells stashed in all sorts of places. I haven't used them in art (yet). I had a perfectly preserved dragonfly (that I found in the garage) on a shelf for a long time until one of the cats thought it would be great fun to knock it down and bat it around. I don't know what is says about either of us, but I want to come see your stash!

  5. Bravo on your great posts this week! Informative and inspiring - all of it! Where do you put all your "found" goodies?

  6. These are neat stories, and those look fun to play with. can't wait to see what you make!

    also, Happy Halloween, and good luck with the storm...hope you keep your power!

  7. So glad I am not the only one. My 4 year old has the bugs, butterflies, moths and beetles displayed in the bathroom in a clear vase right now. I am influencing my children with this. We should really find out what this says about us! LOL So envious of the robin egg finding! I love the coloring of those eggs!