Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello to all,
I don't want to believe it, but they are predicting power loss in my area due to Hurricane Sandy.
I REALLY hope it will not be to bad here in the Pittsburgh area. I do live in the country and storms often bring down trees and power lines. Off to get candles and flashlights...mine seem to be on the fritz.
We have a wood burning stove and gas grill so it won't be to bad. No electric and bored kids..pray for me folks, pray hard! ( husband is in AZ working, he misses all the fun!)

Be back next week.  The Arthouse Co-op will have a traveling library in Pittsburgh Friday. They will have 1,000 sketchbooks from the 2012 tour...please Sandy, settle down!

Stay safe and dry.


  1. Hoping your power doesn't go, us too. Enjoy the sketchbooks.....xox

  2. I made it to the post office this morning before the winds got bad. Thanks for the Halloween card! I'm trying to get my fill of electronics before the almost inevitable power loss that will come with this storm. good luck with the boredom! I fear we will suffer a bit of that here as well.

  3. Yes, stay safe and let us know how it went and hat you made it.

  4. Jill, I hope you don't lose power, but I have faith that you will find something creative to do even if that happens...Take care. jane

  5. Be safe!! Do what needs to be done. Hope you won't need any of it. We're being pounded by the winds here, but still standing. xoxox