Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall in PA

Near the top of the valley I live in.
Now for the bottom of the valley...
The Connoquenessing Creek
(or crick if your from PA.)
A few days ago Dick, from Dizzy Dick blog, was remembering
PA slang.
I was talking to my mom and she told me about her day,
she red-up the house and ran the sweeper.
( That's PA speak for "picked up the house"...that might be PA speak too...
Lets try it again, she cleaned up clutter and ran the vacuum cleaner...a.k.a. sweeper)
Happy fall, enjoy the weekend!



  1. Thanks for the reminder of what Fall looks like near my old home.

  2. love the local vernacular, wicked good. Have you noticed how brown the color is this year, not the usual blaze we hope for xox Corrine

  3. Well I thought I wanted to be at the top of the valley but then I saw the bottom. Tough choice!