Wednesday, October 17, 2012

color shifting

I have the painting bug.
I wanted a fall theme for a painting but
with a twist.
On this canvas I decided to "shift" the colors.
The crow's black color moved to the pumpkin,
the pumpkin color shifted to the background and the
background color...I picked sky blue.
The blue then became the crow's color.
There is a long way to go on the painting,
this is just a "roughed in" start on the colors.
I will add details and mess with highlights
and low tones some day soon.
Today here in PA it is going to be 70 degrees and sunny,
probably one of our last warm days so I will
be outside with my camera.
During one of my trips to the Lowes I picked up
some things I thought I could use in my art work.
In the nuts and bolts aisle I picked up
a hardware gauge, it helps one
fine a screw or bolt size.
When I bought it I was thinking about some
posts I had read on Corrine's web site.
She had been doing a series of work with patterns.
Looked like patterns to me on the hardware gauge.
But now, I see how useful the gauge will be for
my sketchbook project, the theme is diagrams.
There are a lot of cool shapes on the gauge to make a diagram.
My second find was chrome spray paint.
I can think of a ton of stuff that would look
so much better painted chrome.
Nice weather, whole can of spray paint......
this is going to be a fun day!


  1. love your color switching idea - that black pumpkin is unexpected and compelling. Can't wait to see it develop. hardware gauge is very intriguing for both fix-it and art applications. I love finding kindred spirits who look at everything as a possible art tool. enjoy your sunshine!

  2. Until I started reading I actually didn't notice the color shift, just the composition.....and thought oh that's so Jill....shows you how it's all an illusion we see what we want, or it's my cold addled brain, more likely. xox

  3. Nice idea to shift the colors! That concept could be made into an art lesson. Color theory - I love it! Also, love the organic shape of your pumpkin and your bird is lovely! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

  4. Love the look of the colour shifted painting! Gorgeous pumpkin! Looking forward to seeing it finished.