Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This morning I took a short walk down
the country road I live on.
( less than a quarter mile round trip)
On my walk I collected all these treasures.
Today the sun is shining so I will be
outside with my camera.
My mom read here on my blog a few posts back
how I planned to use trash from
her trip to Alaska in a collage.
It didn't take her long to round up
a second bag of Alaska trash for me.
My mom lives three miles from me.
Many years ago I did not live in the area
and my mom would mail me things she didn't
want anymore or know what to do with.
Back then I was not making art out of trash.
I would get boxes filled with an odd
assortment of things like, a box of tea bags. She would try
one and not like it, so she would mail me the rest of the box.
Also in the box I would find maybe a soap dish she bought then didn't
like or shampoo samples, rulers, pens
anything to nice to throw out but she
didn't want it anymore.
She got a kick out of this diabolical plan
of how to get rid of clutter.
These days when I visit her, she usually has a bag by
the door filled with stuff for me
( If I don't visit she delivers!)
Yes folks, my family is full
of characters.


  1. Oh what a clever MOM! Since she has a trashy - LOL - daughter she has no excuse but how could she NOT give you her trash....where will that amazing collection go, can't wait to see.....xox

  2. Everyone needs either a mom like yours, or a daughter like you, but you two have it made! Your studio progress is very exciting!

  3. Love it Jill!!! Collecting the forgotten bits of the world! I think I may be a "Jill" to a few of my friends and family as well. Doesn't it make you feel loved? :)

  4. I love your mom! I live three miles from mine, too and she's started bringing home all kinds of weird stuff from her office that she thinks I might be able to use for art. she's usually right. it's so nice to have families that get us.

  5. My wife says she can send you a truck full of stuff (grin).