Thursday, October 11, 2012

( 9x7 Fall Tree)
Yesterday I decided I had to start painting again.
I had black paper leftover from making my blog banner
so I decided to try and find a use for it.
I bought the large sheet of black paper at a craft store.
Not only did I use it to paint on and to make a blog banner,
it was also used as a background for many
photographs...acorns, leaves, wasp nets....
I got a lot of use out of that one sheet of paper.
The photo of my tree painting was taken outside
because I wanted the sunlight to reflect off the metallic
paint I used.
When I loaded the photos on to my computer I
saw something interesting.
This second photo of the painting
had shadows from a real tree falling on it.
When you are working from your imagination, and even from a photo,
sometimes shadows and depth don't come through.
Today I'm going back and adding shadows to the painting.
Lumiere, by Jacquard is one of my favorite metallic paint brands.
These acrylic paints are for fabrics but they work on paper and canvas too.
I feel the need to break out a canvas today.
I have a painting already started in my mind.
If you too are in a painting mood and looking for inspiration
drop my Maria's blog
she has a tissue paper water color texture
technique posted.
Maybe next week I'll give water colors ago.


  1. I adore your trees, they have so much personality. Lumiere oh so yummy. xox

  2. That tree is very beautiful. Well done Jill!!

  3. The tree is beautiful. So nice that Mother Nature decided to play too and sent a few shadows your way for inspiration. Can't wait to see the finished painting.

  4. Nice texture quality on Maria's blog!! Love that! I believe your tree has a humanistic feel with the curves, similar to the curves of the human body. I also liked how you used black paper for your background. :)