Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The winner is....

Hannah is the winner of the Pixie dress!
I'll have it in the mail soon!
( Hannah's blog is Artist Holiday)
Lots going on here.
I spent two days this week at an environmental education center.
I went to the center with Eva's school.
We spent most of the time in the woods.
PA is all hills and valleys, I got a workout.
I came home with so many ideas for art projects.
One idea was what to do for the
Ashes to Art Project.
Will post pictures of the project soon!
We also got a new restaurant in our area.
I think it is part of a chain but I have never heard of it before.
The restaurant is the Double Wide Grill.
It's like a service station, car parts and oil cans inside.
They also have campers sticking out the sides. 
Once inside the restaurant you can eat inside one of the campers.
The campers are gutted with tables inside.
I thought they were a bit cramped looking.
The restaurant concept was interesting,



  1. Congrats to Hannah. Cool concept but those concepts are mostly the gimmick eh? fun though. xox

  2. Where did they put that restaurant? Do they have a parking lot big enough for motor-home? I would think that they would try to cater to the RVers.

  3. Yay!!!! Thank you! I will let you know where I hang it for inspiration!

  4. Love the decor theme of the new bistro in town - that's a new one to me too. Loved hearing about your furry kids and their fun personalities - they're all different. I'm kitty sitting my daughter's Himalayan and bumping into tufts of fur everywhere. At least the dog digs her - and I do too!