Monday, September 17, 2012

Pink Paint!

The Pink Peerless Watercolor set I bought on
Cloth Paper Scissors' Etsy store came the other day.
I had never heard of watercolor papers before so I
was excited to find out what exactly they were.
I cut a small corner square out of each sheet and placed it on
a piece of watercolor paper. Next, I loaded a brush with
water and soaked a square. I wasn't getting much color so I added more water.
The square was now sitting in a puddle of water.
That's when I noticed a strong color seeping from the back of the square.
Seems I had the wrong side up!
Notice in the picture the pink sheet with the label in the left corner,
that's the backside. Now see the dark rectangle to the right, that's
the right side of the sheet.
(doesn't look pink at all!)
It took a while for me to come up with a reason to
buy watercolor paints in this form. It did come to me, eureka!
First, you can cut a small piece off the sheet and put it in a
paint tray and make a puddle of paint quickly.
You could store hundreds of these sheets in a Ziploc bag,
convenient storage and easy to take with you.
The one draw back, if moisture got in the bag,...what a mess
you would have!
If you would like to give these pink paints a try visit
They seem to be selling a few paint sets but not much
art for the Artist Give Back art sale.
What a shame.


  1. I bought the same paints years ago, and recently rediscovered them. I had no idea they were so intense, but I had no pinks in my palette. Love yours!

  2. I too wondered how they I know! Thanks. The colours look lovely.

  3. I love your header picture. Did you make it?

  4. I've been very curious about these - I couldn't picture them. the colors are gorgeous.

  5. Oh how different, hmmm. Not sure they are my thing, but sure look pretty. The new header photo is marvelous. xox