Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blog Hopping

Since the weather has been pleasant here in western PA
I've set up a work table outside.
It's a recycled table of course.
The table top is a primitive loom I made
from a few boards and nails.
The sawhorses are what I use to hold quilts when I
hand quilt - - something I have not done in a while.
The charcoal for the Ashes to Art Project arrived.
The charcoal is burnt trees from the Colorado
wild fires that devastated that state this summer.
Artists are using the charcoal to create art that
will be sold on an online auction in October.
All money from the art sale will go to local fire
departments who's resources were depleted fighting
the mass fire.
( for more info on the project scroll down 2 posts)
I have great weather and a good work space but..
here it is..I'm struggling to get anything finished.
I'm working  on three projects
( could be the problem, 3 projects)
and I can't focus on making them work.
This morning I found hope in completing the projects while blog hopping.
The first blog I hit was Artist Holiday.
Hannah put my artist journey into prospective.
Hannah is starting a weekly art class at her church.
Her joy of sharing her knowledge and self is inspiring.
She made me realize I need to put joy back
into my work.
My next stop was Indigo-Blue.
Audrea has black and while zentangles posted.
One of my struggles this week has been what to do
with the tree charcoal. I don't work in black and white and
charcoal is not something you will find in my art supplies
...way out of my comfort zone.
Audrea's black and white art is beautiful but it was
the boldness of her designs that got my attention.
I'm still not sure what I'll do with the charcoal but I'm no
longer daunted with the idea of working with it.
My last stop of the morning was with Dizzy Dick
Dick, a PA native living in Texas, posted
an overview of Tom Mix's life.
Tom was from PA, moved west and became a famous
wild west show cowboy. He moved on to star in many movies and
became a cowboy movie super star.
His story is the American dream come true...maybe the ending was
more Hollywood made, but still a dream life.
As I'm about to start the Ashes to Art Project Tom's life has
inspired me. The project was created to rebuild the American
dream in Colorado
 and now  I'm about to tackle it with great gusto!
I'm raising my coffee cup to you this morning, may you find
inspiration today that moves you forward.


  1. Glad you made a stop at my blog. I can't claim him as a relative, except through my Grandma's sister's marriage.

  2. Love the charcoal project, and look forward to seeing what you post. It is great when we can get inspiration from other people's blog post... it is one of the reasons I love to blog. Good luck with all three projects.

  3. Love your recycled table. I am sure your charcoal art will be marvelous. Thanks for the links. Off to check them out. xox

  4. You are always an inspiration to me Jill!!! It's so neat how we artists feed off each other! I commend you for being bold and believing in yourself that you made the request for your piece of charcoal. That act alone tells me you knew you could create something awesome with it! The rest will follow. I just know it!!!

  5. BTW, we got a copy of the new Greencraft magazine today with your article in it.