Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two blogs, what the..???

I have lost my mind.
I now have two blogs!
The Cranberry Patch ( local news website that interviewed me)
asked me to write a blog.
They said I could write about anything.
I've decided to use the blog to promote the arts in our area.
My first PR campaign is for the
Saxonburg Festival of Arts.
Other than the new blog, picking up my camera is my only
creative outlet right now.
There is only one more full week of summer vacation until
school starts.
Then my art supplies will see the light of day once again!


  1. Congratulations yet again!! You just can't help yourself ... you continue to attract creative opportunities, and yet, that should come as no surprise!
    Have fun with your new blog!

  2. That is so great!

    Also, I got my new CPS and see you have an art piece that will be up for sale in their Etsy store. so cool, Jill!

  3. That is wonderful!!! What a great idea to use as an outlet to promote local artistic events! Fantastic Jill!!!