Friday, August 17, 2012

Rodeo Love

The rodeo is the place to be this week
if you are in Butler County.
It's the 53rd North Washington Rodeo.

The North Washington Volunteer Fire Department
owns the roado grounds and hosts  the professional
rodeo circuit cowboys and cowgirls.

It's a huge fund raiser for the fire department.
North Washington is in the middle of NOWHERE so it
is also the area's claim to fame and event of the year.

A few years ago the professional rodeo circuit agreed to let
local people into their events.
I believe they are not eligible to win the
events purse, $$$.

On Wednesday night several local young boys and men took
a shot at BULL RIDING of all things.
There were also a few local girls in the barrel racing event.
The crowd went wild when the locals took their turn.
It was fabulous!

Bull Rider = Crazy Person

( bull riding is my favorite event)

You might be wondering why the locals would just jump in
and give bull riding a try.
A few years ago a family put a mechanical bull in their barn
and charged people to use it.
I think they may have a few bulls now.
I have not been there but I see signs
for Buck Horn and my daughter Chloe has
been there to watch her friends get thrown off a bull.

I missed the Big Butler Fair and the Butler Farm Show this summer
but I wouldn't ever miss the rodeo!

( Places like the rodeo are great opportunities to take your camera
 and get inspiration for your next art project)

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