Thursday, August 16, 2012

My interview

I was interviewed by a local news website
 and today the interview was posted.

I have been waiting for two weeks to see it posted and was so excited.
Now that it's on the site I'm blushing.
A surprising result.

One topic covered in the interview is mail art.
 A photo of some of the mail art I have received is shown on the site.
There is a good chance if you have sent me mail art,
your work is in the photo!


  1. Congrats Jill - what an honor! I'm off to check out your interview now. xo

  2. Yeah, nice interview, you go girl. I can't wait to see where else you show up. Loved the article in Greencraft. xox

  3. Congratulations Jill! How Exciting! I loved the images and the interview.

  4. BIG Congratulations Jill!!! This is a great article and so exciting!!! Wonderful job!!!