Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jeep Show

Last weekend I attended the Bantum Jeep Show
at the Butler Fair Grounds.
The first Jeeps were made in Butler,  PA in 1940.

I was expecting a historical look back on Jeep history.
Well, I got that and much more.
Sadly I went on the last day and missed most of the events.
The good news is that they will have the show again next summer.

People in Jeeps were everywhere.
They camped at the Fair Grounds all weekend.
They had trail rides and mud holes for Jeep
owners to get their Jeeps dirty.
 There were also lots of Jeep dealers selling Jeeps
 and custom off road shops who had
the lasted Jeep accessories.

A great chance for taking photos.....which I blew.
I took my Canon but left the memory card at home.
I did take some photos with my cell phone.
The sun was so bright that I couldn't see the phone's screen.
I ended up taking mostly videos that made you think you were on a roller coaster.
Again, there is always next year.
I did get a few shots with filters on my cell phone.

It is hard to see but there are shovels and tools
strapped to the outside of the Jeep.

I spent my childhood around Jeeps.
My family belonged to "The Hill Huggers Jeep Club".
During the summer our Jeep club would meet with other Jeep clubs
in fields and woods around Ohio and PA.
We camped all weekend and Jeeps were put through hill climbs, drag races and obstacle
courses through creeks and mud hole the likes you have never seen.

My dad built his Jeep himself. He order parts from all over the country.
The fiberglass 2A style body came from CA.
Back in the 70's we thought ordering something that big from
someplace far away was a really big deal.


This is my dad's Jeep, he is standing at the front of the Jeep.
That's me standing up, my sister Amy is sitting down (in the brown socks)
and our friend Lori is on the tailgate.
My mom got back in touch with Lori's mom recently and wants us all to get together for lunch.
While at the Jeep Show I ran into my stepbrother who had his old Jeep there. He and his Jeep were
covered in mud. He was grinning and asked me if I too felt like I was reliving our childhood.
( He wasn't my stepbrother back in the Hill Hugger days but his family were members too)

My dad passed away in the mid 1980's.
He sold his Jeep before he died.
A few years after his death the new owner called our house to tell us he restored the Jeep.
Seeing all those Jeeps at the Fair Ground made me wonder if my dad's Jeep might have been there.
Next year I plan to take everyone I can round up to the Bantam Jeep Show.
Just maybe we will spot that red Jeep.
If not, we will still have fun and relive a bit of the past.


  1. I like jeeps. I now have a 4x4 Jeep Liberty that I use everyday and also tow it behind the motor-home. I was in Butler a few years ago when that was going on. I worked at Pullman-Standard for 17 years way back when, before they had the monument and the celebration. I think the factory that made them was by the viaduct at the east end of main street where Spang and Co are located. I'm not sure, do you know? Didn't the same factory make the Bantam car?

  2. That is so cool! I love the old picture of you and the family!

  3. Thanks for sharing the memories! Inspiration can be found anywhere, even within ourselves and our memories. Excellent post Jill!

  4. what an amazing picture of you on that jeep.

  5. Oh love the story of your Dad and I picked you out right away! Fun stuff, love those old jeeps. Gone are the days when Dad's can work on the cars, have to be the old ones now too! xox

  6. We used to love driving jeeps up the back side of mountains in Colorado where we would find snow at the top in the middle of summer .... the good old days!