Monday, August 27, 2012

I was just given the information for this project.
Artist are raising money for fire departments in Colorado
where some of the worst wild fires occurred this summer.
Charcoal is being collected from the burn sites and mailed to artist.
Artist then make a piece of artwork, mail the artwork back to CO.
by September 30th. Oct 7-14 an online action will be held.
All proceeds from the art sale will be given to the fire department.
I found the project via Face Book, their page is
Ashes to Art Project.....look for the "about" button,
 all the project details are there.
Also Google the project for more info.
September 30th is not that far away.
I plan to take a photo of mine and turn it into black and white.
I'm a color person and I hope the black and white
photo helps me navigate an image.
Then again, who said what I make has to be only
done with charcoal....
If  you don't care to make art for the project you can donate,
The Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District
c/o Bill Sears, Ashes to Art Project
P.O. Box 364
LaPorte, CO 80535
I'll post details about the online art auction when I know more.
I sent my address to the project email,
now I wait for the charcoal to land in my mailbox.


  1. Trust you to sniff out another project - especially one that gives back to a community so hard hit by disaster. Thanks for sharing - this is a good one!

    1. A friend of mine found this project. I'm rather excited to do it!

  2. Thank you for your visit on my blog. I very much appreciate your comment.Enjoying your blog.