Saturday, August 4, 2012

Art Show

I finally made it to the
1st Annual CTCC Juried Art Exhibit.
The show is at the
Cranberry Township Municipal Center
and runs from July 12 - August 10.
The show was funded by the
Cranberry Township Community Chest and the art was
provided by members of the
Associated Artist of Butler County.

My photo "$crap" was displayed in a corner.
But if I'm going to be in a corner I couldn't ask for better company.
The portrait of the young man beside my photo was done by
Maria Kovalenko Leysens. Maria's portrait of her son
was done in pastels, she also had two watercolor paintings in the show.

I did not win any award nor sold my piece but I am honored to have
been included in the show. The artist in this particular show were of the
highest caliber. ( I'm lucky I got in folks) 

For this show painters swept the awards.
The following photos were taken with my
cell phone camera, not the best quality.

First Place
William Perry
Winter Pears  ( watercolor)

Second Place
William Vrscak
Lyme Regis Bowling Club (watercolor)

Third Place
Thomas Sheehan
Mitchell Hill ( mixed media )

Honorable Mention
Pat Paterson
Extreme Nature; Lemon & Slice, Backlit
( oil and polyurethane )

 Best in Show
Lisa Sten
( pastel )

Now for a few other artist.

Linda Jackman
Country Bath
( photography )

Patricia Young
The Farm House, Italy
( pastel )

If you find yourself in Butler County ( PA)
before August 10th don't miss this show.

Also visit the Associated Artist of Butler County website to
learn about their next art show and details about the counties
celebration of the Bantam Jeep.
To find out more about my friend Maria Kovalenko Leysens
visit her at

Maria teaches art classes and paints commissioned portraits.


  1. A corner is a good spot. Everyone has to stop and change direction at a corner. That gives them more time to see your art work.

  2. congratulations for being in the show! Some amazing work, I really like the lemon piece.

  3. Jill, thanks for including me in your blogging world. This was not such a bad corner since everyone coming out of the library was facing it. Well, I hope they looked up anyway! One of my other favorites was the pastel by Pat Young. Glad you posted her work too.

  4. Well, they just have no vision about your fab work. I love your photo. Mixed shows like that are hard to compete in....

  5. Congratulations on the show!! Your piece shows beautifully where it is, and yes, what an honour to be in the midst of so many fine artists. What will your daughter do for an encore? Enjoy the rest of your summer Jill. What's your next event? xo

  6. Congratulations Jill!!! This is only the beginning!!!! :)

  7. That is so exciting! Looks like a great show.xo