Friday, July 6, 2012


Summer is in full swing here in PA.
Lord is it HOT!

About the only thing I can do is hold my camera.
 Here are some shots around my sister's farm I took
while the kids were swimming in the pool.

This Live Oak is about 400 years old.
Notice how small the German Shepard looks at the botton of the photo.
( His name is Dutch by the way)

I hope to finish some mail art today.
I have a pile of half finished postcards gathering dust.

The big project for later this afternoon and evening is..
costumes for acting camp!


  1. I don't see how you have time to do everything. I like that tree. I didn't know Live Oaks grew in Pennsylvania and I lived there for over 35 years. Got a lot of them down here in East Texas.

  2. Gorgeous oak and photos, beautiful place to be in this heat. Why aren't you swimming too? xox

  3. what a tree! I didn't even see Dutch in that picture - I'm glad you pointed him out. There's a gorgeous book called "the oak behind the house" by photographer B.A. King about a 400 year old tree in his yard. The tree is in the town I work in, and though it has fallen down, it's still in his yard and quite impressive. wish I'd been able to see it in it's glory.

  4. Dropping in to say Hi! You've been doing a ton of cool stuff lately! Enjoy!

  5. Love the farm photos! Hope you're still enjoying the effects of a holiday week. Stay cool!

  6. I love LOVE old trees! Thanks for sharing!