Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Chance

Yesterday I was visiting blogs and at Kim Henkel's blog
Letting in the Light,
I saw that she has been experimenting with flowers.
I decided I wanted to try it too,
another chance for me to make a big mess!

Eva and I put our shoes on and headed out to look for flowers.
We need rain, my yard is brown and actually crunches when
you walk on it.

We did find some day lillies, sweet peas, sumac and a type of vetch.
We tossed a few red berries into the mix.

What Kim was doing was taking flower petals
and placing them between paper,
stacking the papers up, then wrapped a string around the bundles.  
She then steamed the bundles in a pot for two hours.

The idea is to have the flowers release their color on to the paper.

After no planning or much thought I started.

I cheated at bit...I added some shredded craft paper.
I figured it would leave color behind.
With plants you never know.
Well, except for the day lillies.
I knew they would stain blue. They have left stains on
on my walls where they touched while in a vase.
Day lillies grow in ditches along back roads in my part of PA.

Sumac and vetch.
Bees were going crazy over the sumac blooms.

After I bundled the flowers I steamed them for about 1 hour.

Sumac and lillies

I added some rusty metal here.

The green craft paper did leave color!

I used Arches coldpressed paper and will probably
add water color or metallic paint or markers or.....
to these suqares.
I use the word squares loosly since I took no care in cutting the paper.

I had a great time doing this project.
My husband is doing major plumbing repairs at our house
 so the water is turned off.
I needed a project!


  1. Be careful you don't get the poison sumac.

  2. I like this Jill! Really cool effects! I really want to try this!!

  3. Jill - They turned out beautifully! Glad that you gave it a try. I still haven't used my paper yet, but I know I will.