Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Musical Comedy

Last night Eva was in the play
Villains Anonymous
at Butler County Community College.

The play and all its music were written by
Kelly McIntyre.
Kelly is also the creator of the
Junior Conservatory of Performing Arts
at the college.

Kelly and me right before the show.

We were worn out!!!

I didn't have time to take a cast picture before the show
and since I was backstage helping I have no shots of the stage
during the show.

Monday I go back to the theater to collect costumes and props
and I hope to get a picture of the set I painted.

We spent several 12 hour days at the theater before the show.
During that time I got to see the kids rehearse a lot.

When show time finally came I can't even explain the change
that came over those kids.
Kelly calls it "making the leap".
It was an amazing experience for me to see that
transformation from just performing the play
becoming the characters who came to life on that stage .


  1. You are a great Mom, for sure.

  2. How exciting for the kids and you lok great!!!!! Proud Mama. xox

  3. Wow!!! You gals are certainly having a fabulous summer! Very much a creative energy in the Eudaly household!!! ;)