Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Mailbox!

Well, here it is-- the new mailbox.
When we took down the old mailbox we found a
small egg in the back corner.
So our guest was a bird.

I have decided to enter one of my scrap metal photos in
an up coming local art show.
Online I found for professional grade prints.
I ordered a large print on foam core board.
To my surprise they emailed me the next day to let me
know they had shipped my order.

What company do you use for your photo prints???


  1. Hello Jill,
    Sorry that I can't give you any advice on where to get images printed. It is always exciting to see an image when it is printed - especially when it is large format. I hope you will share a picture of it here. You asked me if what I had created was for the Cloth Paper Scissors fund raiser - and yes it was. Hopefully you can join in. You have a choice of making 8X8 if 5X5 is too hard. I tend to work small, so went for the smaller size.
    Enjoy your day, and I love the mail box story!


  2. Doesn't that new mailbox just cry out for some artful bling? Time to get to work. Good idea on entering your photos, yeah! xox

  3. Congrats on the new mailbox ... and as well on the end of another school year, and new beginnings! xo