Monday, June 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home

About a month ago I had  asked, what
does your mailbox look like?

( As I am a mail art fan, mailboxes are important)

My mailbox is.... lets say "broke in".

Today I told my husband it's time for a new mailbox.

Since our mailbox has no door something has

made it it's home.

I cleaned it out this morning thinking Eva had put the nest inside.

But later in the day the nest was back and Eva had been at school all day.

F.Y.I.  To all those I emailed about your thoughts on copywrite issues with my collage,
I've decided not to enter it into the art show.
Thanks for all your input!

F.Y.I. dos   I tried PetArmor, the Frontline flea med knockoff, we are on
month three and having a mass flea outbreak.
I'm going back to Frontline.
Anyone else try the PetArmor???  


  1. Maybe it's the mail carrier!!!!!

    P.S. I heard about your copyright issue and I believe you did the right thing. xoxo

  2. We have only had one big flea thing, when Ella arrived and frontline was the only thing that took care of it. I don't like anything toxic as you can imagine, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Do you think their are voles living in your mailbox. If so, they get to read the mail before you do!!! LOL. xox

  3. Thanks for sharing your nest news ... and good luck with getting a new mailbox. Keep us posted Jill. I have a 'nest in the engine'story for you some day .. xo