Friday, May 18, 2012

Yard Work

Last summer I started experimenting with making images from things
I found in my yard. I plan to continue this work over the next few months.
I have not found any cameras yet to dissect so I can
 try out some of John Neel's ideas.
I did find an old slide projector with two interesting lenses.
Last summer I bought a very odd collection of slides at a flea market.
I've been wanting to design lamps that would project the image on a wall
as a piece of art. So first I want to see how the lenses are placed and/or how a
projector works. I bet it's simple. With LED lights I would be able to forgo the fan
that is usually needed in a projector.

I have just come across the work of Andy Goldsworthy a
British environmental sculptor.
Netflix has a documentary that follows Mr. Goldsworthy as he created some rather
phenomenal works in interesting landscapes.
The documentary is Rivers and Tides.
If you can't find it in "search" on Netflix go into your account on-line and in preferences
pick art and design categories.
Another not to miss art series is Art21 produced by PBS.

Here are a few of Mr. Goldsworthy's creations.
They have opened up my mind and made me think bigger,
and not just in size.


  1. Goldsworthy makes me swoon. I love love his work. I like your compositions too! Nice going there...back to pot some more plants - see ya! xox

  2. oh how I loved Rivers and Tides. I didn't know him before that, but now I'm a fan. and i'm forever assembling little things from the bits I find on the ground.