Sunday, May 13, 2012

What does your mailbox look like?

I was reading Miss Millicent's blog, mail art artist, and she asked
"what does your mailbox look like?"
As you can see mine is in sad shape.
I live in a rural area and about two or three times a year
bored teenagers vandalize mailboxes or garbage cans.
Our local trash hauler gives it's customers large trashcans on wheels.
Teenagers drive by, hang out the car window and grab the trashcans handle
to see how far they can drag them down the road before they fall over.
The mailboxes are hit with a ball bat.
Life in the country.

I told my husband I was posting a picture of our mailbox.
He laughed and said in his defence (why he hasn't replaced it)
that since it is in such bad shape we don't get vandalized.

I was thinking that maybe I should buy a new box and paint it up in an artistic way or design
 some cool shape and construct a new mailbox.
I would want it to be organic and rustic to blend into the landscape.

Then it hit me, why would I change it???  It fits the bill.

One day my husband will bring home a new mailbox.
Then, I will sit back and watch it age and decay into something lovely.


  1. Is that where my letters land? That is a BEAUTIFUL mailbox. Jill- I would LOVE to have a box just like it. Looks sunny there!!!

    1. Yes, all mail art finds its was into this mail box.

  2. My wife told me to tell you to buy two mailboxes, one bigger than the other. Center the smaller one inside the bigger one and fill around it with cement. That may sting their hands or break their bass-ball bat the next time they try it.

  3. I have a very slick stainless steel post box that was especially made for me. It holds magazines & small parcels without them being bent or damaged and the postie loves it.

    It is not in keeping with my idea of using recycled or pre- loved items but it will not fall apart and need replacing any time soon either.

  4. Your mailbox has raw charm! I wouldn't change a thing! xo

  5. oh my god- this is great, Jill! totally rural mailbox for sure!