Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Outside the box

For the last two years learning how to use a photo editing program
had been on my New Year's resolution list. I might actually get around to it this year.

I just got this book by John Neel. He developed digital technology for Eastman Kodak and is
an accomplished photographer. Digital photography is slick and user friendly and soon John got a bit bored.

In this book he takes camera lens from old cameras and even builds new lens for
digital cameras. Where is this going?  In using older dirty scratched lens or newly self-invented lens
John was able to create some very interesting images. Artistic images.

I have two older Canon SLRs, one of them is going to to the base for many experiments this summer.
I have my friend Nelly, a big yard sale/ flea market picker, out looking for old cameras for me to
play around with. The idea of taking something and changing its use or
the rules on how to you use it makes my heart sing.

A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a few lessons on how to work
with stained glass. Making something flat or buying a pattern for a project didn't interest me.
I wanted to make glass sculptures. Letting light hit the glass in different angles.
I didn't stick with this medium long. I made a few things and gave them away.
Only one of my sculptures is left.
I call it Crown of Stars. 

Not a master piece but a good example of how I like
to move things "outside the box".

And Lori Butler, if you have dropped by...Happy Birthday!
and I forgot to copy your new address into my little black book.
Email me!!!

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  1. Cool sculpture! Love playing with glass, haven't done it for a while. Camera thingy beyond me. I let PSE do the work. xox

  2. Dave came up and look at the screen and saw the crown of stars; without me saying anything; he said "Jill". I said how did you know; and he said; "we own a crown." Marge

  3. Can't wait to watch the results of your digital photography experiments ..... Two lovely mermaids arrived in my mailbox today with a sweet note from Chloe. Please give her a big thank you hug! xo