Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jellyfish King

The Arthouse Co-op has been doing small free projects to accompany the
2012 sketchbook tour. I participated in the Photo Response project.
Five photos were posted and you were to pick one photo and then respond to it
in any medium. The only rule was that the size had to be 4x6 inches.

To me this picture represented people who love the ocean.
My response was to talk about the oceans rising acidity.
Due to pollution the ocean is becoming more acidic and it is
speculated that many of the ocean's fish species will die but the
jellyfish will thrive becoming "kings" of the ocean.

I used dyed brown paper bags again, candy foils for the crown and glittery
card stock to make the jellyfish.

Like the sketchbook I'm not thrilled with the out come.
You all have been so kind with praise of my work and I thank you.

A few months ago, JC at had a short video post by an author.
He was talking about when you first start out in a creative process,
what you make when you area beginner doesn't usually make you happy.
Deep inside you know it's not that good because you
have a taste level that is higher. Basically I think it comes down to you know it can be done better and so you keep trying. The point in the video was that you have to keep trying because we are not so good at what we are trying to achieve in the beginning.

My constant struggle is time and finding work space. I keep thinking that if I had a studio and free time then things would get finished in more satisfactory way.

The again, working in  rush, half buried under my art supplies might be my
modus operandi.


  1. You have really been busy lately and of course, doing great work.

  2. Was that the Ira Glass video (just his voice with his words being animated?) I LOVE that bit. It made such a difference to me, and helped me back off myself a bit. So while I think your sketchbook and jellyfish pieces are really cool, I also totally get what you mean. It will be fun to watch you get better and better since I already think it's pretty great.

    1. yes, it was the Ira glass video. I should find it and post it too, it's so good!

  3. Jill - you are not alone my friend. We gotta keep pressing forward! That's what I tell myself too! And I love the phrase "Jellyfish King", so cool!

  4. Great piece Jill, always so aware of the world around you. Won't look forward to an ocean where the Jellyfish is king. No the dyed paper bag. xox

  5. Hi Jill. Thanks for the shout out, and I love how you inspire us with your conservancy and observations. I love the piece and I learned something too! Thanks. xoxo

  6. Jill, having my studio up and running was a blessing at first, until every surface became covered with bits of this and that, with no motivation to clean up. I think you're hitting that proverbial nail on the head with your modus operandi... I hate pressing deadlines and working in clutter, but it seems to be the way I work... No fairies here to set things to rights for me and I have too much to do to waste time in that area! Rest easy, friend! You are among kindred!

  7. Hey girlie, thanks for the visit ... it's been a little rough going since moveN to wordpress... loveN the Jelliefish and how sweet it is to bump into you ... Happy Birthday/Mother's Day!