Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yellow Polka Dots

I love dandelions!

I don't have a lawn around my house,
I have a yard.

It's an, I live in the county kinda yard.

My yard is easily fifty percent weeds.

In my yard you will also find


and violets.

I love when my green yard breaks out with a case of yellow polka dots!

Springtime in western PA.

It makes my heart sing!


  1. "Dande" they are, I say. My daughter spent all day Saturday, picking those little yellow flowers. I even put one in my hair *smile*.

  2. Have some dandy lion wine, sit down, and enjoy the spring time beauty.

  3. My backyard is a meadow of violets this week. I adore it. I will eventually have to mow, and they won't come back in quite the same way until next spring. I savor these few weeks when the weeds are in full bloom and the grass hasn't taken them over.

  4. I so enjoy your posts. They remind me to slow down and take a look around. Your photos are beautiful too.

  5. Awesome yellow!! Loving your perspective too! :) What's that saying?.... bloom where you're planted!