Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Red String Theory

I finished the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition!
I have never finished one of their projects so close to the deadline.

The Limited Edition sketchbook will be on
exhibition June 22nd 2012 at the
Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY.

A book will be published this fall documenting the project
and exhibition.
( I'll be in the book!)

As usual when one signs up for an Arthouse project you have
to pick a theme category. For this sketchbook I chose the
theme thread and surfaces.

My sketchbook is about The Red String Theory.
I took all the pages out of the sketchbook and replaced
them with dyed brown paper bag paper that I make.

An invisible red thread.....

connects those destined to meet

despite the time, the place and circumstances.

The thread can be tightened or tangled

but will never be broken.

This sketchbook turned out much better than the last one,
London Calling Jill Eudaly.

BUT, I'm still not thrilled with it.

Sign ups for the 2013 Sketckbook Project are starting....
another chance !


  1. I LOVE IT! It's your best sketchbook to date, in my humble estimation! I love that you used your dyed paper bags for pages! It's reminiscent of the pumpkins you created a while back... The stitching adds a lot of texture. :D Rest easy now, my friend! You did it!

  2. Wow, Jill! Well done. I just love this.

  3. This is great Jill and the sketchbook must have taken you hours! I really like the texture of the pages with the stitching added on top.

    One day I would like to take part in something like this but I am spread quite thinly already. One day........

  4. Oh yummy paper bag stitched pages, these turned out great, no matter what you say! xox

  5. Very lovely and creative. I like the idea of "the red string" theory too! Nice work!

  6. I think this is incredible!! I especially love the bird houses! I'm on my way to NYC, and wish it were on display immediately. You should be thrilled with the outcome! xo

  7. Jill, this is fabulous. I love the thread running through. And, that cover- wow! So cool!

  8. Hey Jill! I really love this idea of the thread going throughout each page of your sketchbook and the words are lovely! Nice work!!! You really made it your own. Sometimes that can be hard to do as an artist! Such an awesome accomplishment Jill!! So happy for you! :)

  9. Jill, This is beautiful! What a great idea to use your own beautiful pages. I also love the red thread story. Beautiful. I do understand the feeling of not being thrilled with something, when it is not maybe what you had imagined. But for me it is amazing. Just lovely.

  10. Wow, I just came across this... It is beautiful, both the story and visually!!!!