Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting Down to Business

Today is the day I start the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition.

I have to have it in the mail April 30th!!!

I removed the pages from the sketchbook.

I've decided to only use dyed brown paper bags as pages.

So today I will be cutting, gluing and sewing paper pages.

( if you want to know how to dye brown paper bags see

pages 30-34 in the March/April 2012 issues of
Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine....

or email me!)

On another note, I finally made it back to the
International Union of Mail-Artist web site.

Wouldn't you know it, they have a "All Things Trashpo" group........

My People!

If you are from All Things Trashpo I have a short picture show
posted here of some of my favorite recycled art pieces I have made.

This piece is magazine pages glued to a painted brown paper bag.

I made this wall hanging out of several brown paper bags.
I painted them then used colorful foil candy wrappers to make the flowers
and leaves. This piece was made for a store window. It now hangs in my
friends office. (It's very large)

This dress was given to me. It was plain with no embellishments.
I painted it and added flowers and streamers which are all made from tissue paper.
The tissue paper is from a baby shower I attended, I hauled the trash home from the party.
( my husband wasn't to thrilled)
The dress hung in a store was prom season.

These next few photos are of a Halloween store window.

The tree picture and pumpkins are made out of brown paper bags.
I also picked stick up in the woods next to my house and painted them black.

The witch is made from an old wedding dress and parts of a Halloween costume.
There are also grape vines in this window from my yard.

The window was lined with tombstone made from cardboard boxes.

I made this dress for a magazine challenge. They gave you a flower could do anything with it. I made a dress. Turns out there was size limit on the project. I didn't get into the challenge but they published the dress in a different section of the magazine.
The dress is made from fabric, brown paper bags, tissue paper, Christmas cards and index cards.

This 4 foot x 4 foot collage is made from magazine pages and paint.
I used Art in America magazines. I'm not sure what the rules are for using other peoples
published art work in my art work.
I made it for me and it hangs in my living room.
I have no plans to enter it in an art show or sell it.


  1. You are quite the talented lady, indeed!!!

  2. Trashpo is the way to go, gotta get over there and join that group to! Love your shots all of which I know so well. xox

  3. Love the walk down your artist memory lane! I remember when we first got to know each other, you were doing those store windows. They were so cool! Nice work Jill, you have come so far! You should be so proud of yourself!! :)

  4. Love seeing your window designs .... I used to do that as well, but for my own business - a gym plus pro shop with street wear. Definitely a 'think outside the box' exercise. Enjoy your weekend! xo

  5. wow!!! So many wonderful creations! I really love the wall hanging- that is inspiring! And, your dresses are divine- it's all sooo great! Jill, you rock!