Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mail Day

Well, here is my blog background de jour.
I've come to the conclusion I don't know what I want to do with
my blog's "look".

A few days ago I used my trick for getting my creative life unstuck....
( I find new projects for my to do list..this get me to finish what I'm stuck on)

I joined the IUOMA.
What? you might ask.
International Union of Mail Artists

Their website is amazing.
After I signed up two things occurred to me;

1. It's going to take time (that I don't have) to understand
what this site has to offer and how you participate.

2. These people have serious art skills!!!

One member from the IUOMA "friended" me. I went to his website.
He is a very talented painter and sells his painting for big $$$.

I know there has to be talented fun loving collage artist too.
Thankfully I know a few such women already.
The mail featured today on my blog was sent to me a few weeks ago.

The photo at the top of the post is a postcard from
Corrine at dosfishes blog. She also has a new blog which I will have the info posted soon.
The postcard is made from things on her work table she found on a particular Wednesday.
I think it was an exercise in getting her creative juices going.

This vintage postcard is from Millicent.
Her blog is new and she loves sending fun stuff via the U.S. Postal system. 
Millicent uses Good Mail to find people to swap mail with.

Denise Peek sent me this collage postcard. The photo is nice but I wish you all could see it in person,
Denise's work is so detailed and has  great texture.

I am very blessed to have these fine women send such
magical treasures to my mail box.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the mail. I will hace to join the group, haven't had time too yet, but now you have spurred me on. xox

  2. Sweet! We're blessed to have YOU too! friend me over at IUOMA. I don't know how to navigate that site either...LOL.

  3. Oh I love Denise's postcard! I ADORE mail art!

  4. That sounds so fun! Oh, I need to check out Millicent's new blog! I love this mail art community!

  5. Hi Jill - We have mutual mail art friends in Corrine and Millicent. I'm going to go find you on IUOMA and send you something fun! -Karen

  6. Are you getting tons of mail since you joined? :0)

  7. Followed your lead and signed up with IUOMA today, awaiting acceptance. Eager to participate in your new mail art challenge. Just finished the one I'm sending to artlikeart's SAVE THE USPS mail art campaign. Will mail later this week... Have an artful day!